Jonathan Adler | Brass Dachshund Ring Bowl

Jonathan Adler | Brass Dachshund Ring Bowl
Color: Silver
Size: 14.6 cm W x 5 cm D x 7 cm H,
95 GBP
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Hot Dog. A miniature, minimal masterpiece. This polished perch is perfect for stashing your rings, earrings and other small treasures. Crafted from solid, hand-cast brass, its smooth surface glows warm. Each prototype starts its journey in our Soho studio, where Jonathan and his team design and hand-sculpt the original model in clay. Like a fine wine or your favorite leather jacket, our brass only gets better with age. Over time, the polished brass will develop a rich natural patina. If desired, use a microfiber cloth to buff out fingerprints. If you have no patience for patina, use a brass polish.