Junkbots - Large Dumpster (4306843)

Junkbots - Large Dumpster (4306843)
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Brand: Junkbots
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Go on an exploration with a JunkBots Dumpster that stores treasures in the form of unique figures. Each JunkBot’s Dumpster is filled with fun surprises.JunkBots are characters that you can collect and modify. Open the dumpster and discover the treasures hidden in it. In this first series, there are over 36 unique hero robots that can be disassembled and put together in a new way with other JunkBots to create completely unique characters. There is something for everyone and collectors: from static figures to robots that vibrate with a humming motor or light up and shine.From 3 yearsThis large container contains: - 4 JunkBots - 2 electrical elements