Kay Bojesen - Kanin - Red (39229)

Kay Bojesen - Kanin - Red (39229)
Brand: Kay Bojesen
Size: One Size
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Kay Bojesen created his famous Rabbit in 1957 - and the energetic design marks in many ways something special in his iconic design circus. The rabbit managed to become the last figure since Bojesen died the following year, thus putting an end to one of the most original universes in Danish design history. The Red Rabbit with yellow belly and paws is known among collectors as the original painted Rabbit, which with glossy hues gets even more vitality in the design. The Red Rabbit is joined by a Blue Rabbit in modern midnight blue tones in matte paint.The painted rabbits are inspired by the original painted rabbits, which are known by many collectors. The red / yellow rabbit is in original colors. The blue rabbit has the same blue color as the popular Midnight songbird. The rabbits can be used in Easter decorations.Useful information about Kay Bojesen Kanin Size: 7 x 6,5 x 16 cmMaterial: Bench Danish design