Kay Bojesen - Pandabjørn​ Medium (39422)

Kay Bojesen - Pandabjørn​ Medium (39422)
Brand: Kay Bojesen
Size: M
240 GBP
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Kay Bojesen PandabjørnThe sweetest pandas are like all the other Kay Bojesen figures, designed in wood. Panda is a timeless wooden figure that brings a smile to everyone’s face. The panda figure is inspired by the two pandas that came to Copenhagen’s Zoo in April 2019. Kay Bojesen has chosen to donate a part of the profit to WWF. The money foes towards threatened animal species. When you buy this sweet panda, you support pandas in the wild. Pandas are the perfect gift idea that supports a good purpose. Note: Wipe off with a dry cloth. Keep out of direct sunlight.Useful information about Kay Bojesen PandabjørnSize: 15 cm or 25 cm Material: Hand-painted beech woodDanish design