Kay Bojesen - Sangfugl Alfred (39408)

Kay Bojesen - Sangfugl Alfred (39408)
Brand: Kay Bojesen
Size: One Size
95 GBP
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Kay Bojesen Sangfugl AlfredThe small songbirds from Kay Bojesen are sweet and they are about to be many in the flock. Songbird Alfred is the latest addition to the family of wooden animals from monkeys to hippos and songbirds. The beautiful bird Alfred is created in natural oak and smoked oak wood, and it fits into any home décor, where the natural materials dominate. The songbird is also the perfect gift idea for any occasion. Many give them as a gift for baptism and let the bird follow the child through the years and until they get their own home and maybe create a flair for Danish design.Useful information about Kay Bojesen Sangfugl AlfredSize: 15 cm Material: Natural oak and smoked oakDanish design