Kay Bojesen - Skilderhus ​(39491)

Kay Bojesen - Skilderhus ​(39491)
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Brand: Kay Bojesen
Size: One Size
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Kay Bojesen Skilderhus Sentry box from Kay Bojesen in wood is made for the lovely guards, so they can always go in when they need to be outside in all kinds of weather. The sentry box is 36 cm in height and is scaled down from the original drawings of the defence sentry boxes. The Royal Life Guars have been guarding the Danish castles since 1658. Kay Bojesen drew the classic guards in 1942. The sentry box provides shelter for the guards and is painted in the traditional red and white colours and decorated with the royal monogram in gold. Useful information about Kay Bojesen Skilderhus Size: 36 x 10 cm Material: Panted bench wood