​Kay Bojesen - Skiløber Boy ​(39410)

​Kay Bojesen - Skiløber Boy ​(39410)
Brand: Kay Bojesen
Size: One Size
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Kay Bojesen Skiløber Boy Kay Bojesen has designed the two young ski runners in the end of 1940’s. This happy boy is named Boje, it was the nickname of Kay Bojesen’s son, Otto. Ski runner’s friend is named after Otto’s wife, Ruth, who had a nickname of Datti. The two Danish designed ski runners are only produced in small versions, and the original wooden figures are rather rare. They are produced in painted beech wood and in this relaunch, they are ready to take over Danish homes again with a smile. The ski runners are 15,5 cm in height, and they give a fresh look to your home décor. Useful information about Kay Bojesen Skiløber Boy Size: 15,5 cm Material: Painted beech wood