Kevin Murphy - Smooth.Again Rinse Conditioner 250 ml

Kevin Murphy - Smooth.Again Rinse Conditioner 250 ml
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Brand: Kevin Murphy
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Kevin Murphy SMOOTH.AGAIN.RINSE is a delicious conditioner developed especially for strong and frizzy hair. It contains keratin protein, which can mimic the structure of the natural proteins in the hair. This allows them to adapt so that they work most where the hair needs it. In addition, it contains cocoa butter, which puts a weightless and protective shield around each hair strand, and helps to seal rough and split ends. With this conditioner, one can wave goodbye to a frizzy hair, and instead look forward to a well-groomed hair full of shine. All Kevin Murphy products are free of parabens and sulfates.Application:Apply to freshly washed and damp hairDivide into lengths and tipsLet it work for 1-2 minutesThen rinse thoroughly with waterBnefits:Conditioner from Kevin MurphyRecommended for strong and frizzy hairContains keratin protein and cocoa butterMimics the structure of the hair’s natural proteinsMakes a weightless and protective shieldSeals rough and split endsCounteracts mugsGlossy