Klask 4 (COM8330)

Klask 4 (COM8330)
Categories: Sports
Brand: Competo
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Klask 4 is just as fun as the original for two players and with the same basic rules as before, but with the difference that the score calculation is from 6 to 0. Klask 4 has 4 goals in the form of 4 holes in the course. When starting a game Klask 4, everyone has a certain number of lives. You can decide this number yourself, but the creators of Klask 4 recommend that you each start with 6 lives.You have a magnet that you hold under the track and in this way you can control your player on the track. It is meant that the player must control that ball past your opponents and in one of your opponents goals. If you make it, the opponent loses a life. But be careful not to throw your player in the goal. Then you lose a life.The game is over when the first player hits 0 lives.