Lauren Dickinson Clarke | The Provocateur Coffee Cup

Lauren Dickinson Clarke | The Provocateur Coffee Cup
Color: Black
Size: 8.3cm high x 7.3cm diameter,
25 GBP
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The Muse behind the design “Fresh, raw, full of passion & sensuality.” These were the words to describe the ravishing Illona Staller, muse to Jeff Koons and the inspiration behind this seductive design. With a life coloured by scandal, adventure and eroticism, Illona reigns as an irrepressible icon for artists and writers alike. Illona was famously depicted in a pornographic series made by Koons called Made in Heaven. The Provocateur design is a part of the Moody Muse Collection by Lauren Dickinson Clarke. Embracing a stylish emoji twist, the series was created to capture the enigmatic personas of famous Muses throughout art & pop culture history; elusive & provocative women who have inspired and motivated the creative process. Lauren hopes that through this collection she has created, others too will be able to express their own attitude and spirit.