Lernberger Stafsing - Dry Shampoo Dryclean Soft 200 ml

Lernberger Stafsing - Dry Shampoo Dryclean Soft 200 ml
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Brand: Lernberger Stafsing
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Dryclean Soft is a super-fine dry shampoo spray that instantly builds light volume and body to your hair. The spray contains vegetable protein that increases hair strength and resistance to breakage. It penetrates the cortex and forms a protective film on the surface of hair. Collagen conditions and moisturizes hair and scalp. Great for both long and short hair. Recommended for all hair types.Application: Shake very wellWhen you hear the sound of the metallic ball inside, you know the product is ready to useSpray onto dry roots from 15 cm away or wherever extra volume and body are neededLet dryRub in with your fingertips or brush to build volume and to remove any excessBenefits:The ultimate hair product that fluffs and thickensLeaves hair super soft and extends your blowoutRemoves odours and extends your blowoutParaben and sulphate freeBuilds soft volumeColour protective UV protective