LIKEconcrete - UNA Piggybank - Mocca (93814)

LIKEconcrete - UNA Piggybank - Mocca (93814)
Brand: LIKEconcrete
Size: One Size
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Beautiful and modern take on the classic piggy bank.The piggy bank from LIKEconcrete is named UNA, which is an old, Nordic female name meaning “happy” and “joyful”. It is designed by Danish Nørgaard Design and is created with function, aesthetics and sustainability in mind.No matter if you place it in your kitchen or office, it will add a sculptural and playful expression to your decor and make it stylish to save money up. Two worlds meet when the understanding of concrete as something raw is challenged by the round shape that feels smooth as silk.When you buy the piggy bank from LIKEconcrete, you are not just buying a product - you are investing in a sustainable and green future for all of us.Bring a natural touch into your homeLike all other products from LIKEconcrete, the piggy bank is made using a unique and innovative casting method, which offers completely new possibilities. The functionality of the concrete is retained, but the special method makes the product completely smooth, velvety soft and makes it exude exclusivity.LIKEconcrete’s products are created with great care for the environment, and everything from production to packaging is optimized to reduce the CO2 footprint. The organic concrete can therefore always be given back to nature. All products are also produced in Denmark.NOTE. As all products are made from a 100% sustainable method, there may be small variations and differences in the surface. Each object is unique - just like in nature.Useful information about LIKEconcrete Piggy Bank:Dimensions: Ø: 12.7 cmMaterial: ConcreteWeight: 700 gramsAvailable in a variety of beautiful earth and natural colorsDanish designProduced in Denmark