Lion Sabatier - Licorne Pre-Cutter Set - Black/Steel(900080)

Lion Sabatier - Licorne Pre-Cutter Set - Black/Steel(900080)
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Brand: Lion Sabatier
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Beautiful gift box with chef’s knife and frying fork from Lion Sabatier, perfect for the person who loves to cook good food.A gift set from Lion Sabatier is a great gift for someone who loves to cook. The knife is made of stainless steel and POM. All knives from Lion Sabatier knives are forged in one piece of steel, which gives the knife a completely unique balance and control, so you can be sure that the knives fit well in your hand, even after several hours of use.In this gift box there is a cutter set containing a chef’s knife and a frying fork, perfect for cutting a juicy roast.Useful information about Lion Sabatier Licorne Cutter SetMaterial: Stainless steel and POMSetWarranty 2 years