Mádara - BI-Phase Makeup Remover 100 ml

Mádara - BI-Phase Makeup Remover 100 ml
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Makeup remover that brings your skin into a state of calm and well-being with this soothing, organic and naturally certified product. The silky oil base effectively dissolves even the most durable makeup and mineral sunscreen, which is then removed by the ultra-purifying water base. This gentle formula, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Water and Flower Water from Sorcerer and Cornflower, will soften, soothe and restore the balance of your skin. In addition, it will relieve inflammation, tighten pores and boost skin’s moisture level. When using, it is recommended to shake the bottle thoroughly before use. Apply the product on a cotton swab and slide over eyes, lips and face. Rinse off. Continue with your normal cleaning routine. BI-Phase Makeup Remover from Mádara removes effective makeup without damaging the skin.Application:Shake the bottle thoroughly before useApply the product on a cotton swab and slide over eyes, lips and faceRinse offContinue with your normal cleaning routineBenefits: Effective makeup remover from MádaraGives skin comfort and tranquilityCalmingOrganic and certifiedSilky oil baseMild formulaRestores the balance of your skinRelieve inflammationTightens the poresBoosts the skin’s moisture level