Mádara - Deep Moisture Vitamin Oil 50 ml

Mádara - Deep Moisture Vitamin Oil 50 ml
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Give your skin a well-deserved moisture boost with this lovely oil from Mádara.This excellent vitamin oil from Mádara adds a super dose of moisturizing, energizing and active ingredients to the skin. The oil improves the skin’s moisture level, and protects the skin with external stressors, such as pollution or sun. It is suitable for dry and dull skin, where it helps to make the skin smoother and radiant. The oil is enriched with fantastic key ingredients that protect and increase the skin’s moisture level. Deep Moisture Vitamin Oil from Mádara also soothes your skin and fights the signs of aging. A wonderful oil for you who want to give your skin a super dose of moisture!Application:Apply on cleansed skin on face and neckUse alone or mix a few drops in your face creamAdvantage:Super lovely vitamin oil from MádaraAdds a super dose of moisture to the skinEnergizing and active ingredientsImproves skin moisture levelsProtects the skin from external factorsSuitable for dry and sad skinLeaves skin smoother and radiantFantastic key ingredientsProtects and soothesFights signs of aging