Maria Nila - Sheer Silver Conditioner 1000 ml

Maria Nila - Sheer Silver Conditioner 1000 ml
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Brand: Maria Nila
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Sheer Silver Conditioner is specially developed for you with blond, gray or white hair.The conditioner from Maria Nila contains, among other things, blackberry extract and violet pigments, which help to counteract yellowish shades in the hair. It gives a beautiful shiny hair, and at the same time helps to strengthen the structure of your hair. It moisturizes the hair, makes it super soft and easy to comb through after washing. In addition, Sheer Silver Conditioner reduces color loss that occurs in connection with hair washing and heat styling, and in addition, the hair is protected from UV rays and free radicals.Application:Used in freshly washed hairLet sit for 1-2 minutes Rinse thoroughlyAdvantage:Silver conditioner from Maria NilaDeveloped for light, gray or white hairCounteracts yellowish shades in the hairMake your hair beautiful and shinyStrengthens the structure of the hairMakes hair soft and easy to comb throughReduces color loss from washing and stylingProtects against UV rays and free radicals