Maria Nila - True Soft Shampoo 350 ml

Maria Nila - True Soft Shampoo 350 ml
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Brand: Maria Nila
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Super good and moisturizing shampoo that is specially developed for you with dry hair.True Soft Shampoo from Maria Nila contains, among other things, argan oil, which has a softening effect, counteracts frizz and static electricity, while at the same time giving the hair a beautiful shine. The shampoo also contains the special Color Guard Complex, which reduces color loss and protects the hair from UV rays and free radicals. Get a shiny, soft and well-groomed hair with Maria Nila True Soft Shampoo.Application:Apply to wet hairFoamRinse outCan be repeated if necessaryAdvantage:Moisturizing shampoo from Maria NilaEspecially good for dry hairContains argan oilCounteracts frizzy hair and static electricityMakes the hair soft and gives a beautiful shineReduces color loss from washing and stylingProtects hair from UV rays and free radicals