Meraki - Mildly Scented Sun Creme (311060222)

Meraki - Mildly Scented Sun Creme (311060222)
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Brand: Meraki
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Protect your skin and give it extra moisture in the sun with the water-repellent Sun Lotion with sun factor 30. The sun’s harmful rays are absorbed by chemical UVA and UVB filters, which also ensure that you do not get white streaks or a greasy feeling on the skin. To keep your skin soft and elastic, vitamin E has been added, which also reduces signs of aging. This sun lotion from Meraki is quickly absorbed and has a light floral scent with notes of fresh mint and white musk. Suitable for vegans. Apply a good handful to the skin and repeat for best protection. Wait to dress until the lotion has penetrated the skin.Useful information about Meraki Mildly Scented Sun CremeSuitable for vegansE-vitamin