milk_shake - Curl Passion Leave In Conditioner 300 ml

milk_shake - Curl Passion Leave In Conditioner 300 ml
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Brand: milk_shake
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Fantastic leave-in spray specially developed for you with curly hair.This spray from milk_shake makes both your curls soft, supple and makes them last longer. The formula is enriched with quinoa proteins, milk proteins and fruit extracts, as well as antioxidants Integrity 41®, which prevents your hair color from fading and leaves it more compliant with a glossy result. Despite its caring and rich formula, the spray does not weigh the hair down.Application:Spray in damp hairStyle the hair as you wishAdvantage:Lovely leave-in spray for curly hair from milk_shakeMake your curls soft and suppleMakes the curls last longerPrevents your hair color from fadingMakes hair more pliableGives a glossy resultNourishing and rich formulaDoes not weigh your hair down