Minecraft Earth Adventure Muddy Pig Plush

Minecraft Earth Adventure Muddy Pig Plush
Categories: Adventure
Brand: Minecraft
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Bring the creatures from Minecraft Earth to life. Now you can own your very own Minecraft plush, with one of the unique creatures from Minecraft Earth.Minecraft Earth invites you to go outside and create a new interpretation of the real world, by seeing it as a Minecraft world. The world’s crooked and odd shapes are transformed into even and square blocks as we know them from the popular Minecraft. Minecraft Earth presents, in collaboration with J! NX, a lot of new creatures that are completely unique to the game, and not seen before in Minecraft.This plush is a muddy pig as you know them from Minecraft Earth. The soft and cute pig used to walk around grunting in your enclosures in Minecraft, but now you can pull it out of the game and hug it in real life if you buy this Minecraft Earth stuffed animal.Recommended age 3+Approx. 12 cm high