Mini Cactus Keyring

Mini Cactus Keyring
Categories: Accessories
Brand: Barry The Cactus
Color: white/black
Size: OS
5.95 GBP
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A lucky dip from 18 cacti or succulent varieties! A real life cactus in a key ring This is a super-tiny living cactus or succulent in a mini capsule that you can water and watch grow. Once it is big enough you can transfer it to a pot and have many years together! You will receive this Mini Cactus Keyring in it’s packaging with instructions. Just give it some light and dip it in water once a month and it will grow in it’s capsule. Once they are grown they can be transplanted into a larger pot. You will receive either a succulent or cactus, both are super-cute. Pod Dimensions: 4.3cm tall by 1.7cm wide. Hook and string 6cm long. 30g in weight. This item is currently only able to be shipped within the UK