Morsø - 9NORD Pots Set 5 pcs - Steel (13455)

Morsø - 9NORD Pots Set 5 pcs - Steel (13455)
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Brand: Morsø
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Pot / frying pan set, 5 parts. This perfect starter set consists of a 1.3 l saucepan with lid, dia. 16 cm, a 1.7 l pot with lid, dia. 18 cm and a 24 cm frying pan. The 79NORD series is made of 18/8 stainless steel, and the glass doors have a steam hole. At the bottom of the pan and pots is an aluminum core covered in stainless steel on both sides, also called a sandwich bottom, where the outer layer is magnetic. The heat is distributed and maintained evenly and energy efficiently over both bottom and sides, and at the same time the material is light. It is also very hygienic and easy to clean. The products can be used on all heat sources - from traditional hobs, glass-ceramic and induction hobs to electric and gas stoves. Suitable for washing in the dishwasher. The 79NORD series is made of pure raw materials in a sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Pots and pans have no coating, which means that the products can be recycled. The unique properties of kitchen utensils are preserved for decades with proper maintenance. Never use scouring powder and sharp objects that can damage the surface. We recommend cleaning with a brush and warm soapy water before use for the first time. Kitchen utensils in all materials can be used. Frying on a steel pan Roasting on a stainless steel pan is different than on a coated pan, which is why many professional chefs prefer steel frying pans. Put fat on the pan and heat the pan over medium heat. Distribute the fat over the entire frying surface of the pan and on the sides. Raise the temperature slightly, place the food on the pan and adjust the heat to the desired cooking temperature. At the beginning of cooking, it may look as if the food is burning on the pan, but as soon as a frying crust has been made, the food can be moved around the pan and turned.Useful information about MorsøSize: 16. 18 og 24 cmMaterial: Glass / Stainless steel5 parts