Murad - Skin Smoothing Polish 100 ml

Murad - Skin Smoothing Polish 100 ml
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Brand: Murad
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An effective and gentle face scrub that counteracts clogged pores and impurities, while at the same time making your skin structure finer.Skin Smoothing Polish from Murad is an effective scrub that fights excess oil and clogged pores. It removes dead skin cells, making it easier for moisturizing products to be absorbed into the skin. In addition, the blood flow gets better and the skin gets a great look. This scrub is good for oily or combination skin. It has super good key ingredients that leave the skin soft and supple, while it tightens and visibly minimizes pores as well as controls shiny skin. Skin Smoothing Polish from Murad should be used 2-3 times a week, which gives the skin a perfect look.Application:Use 2-3 times a weekApply the scrub on moisturized skinMassage wellLet the product work for a momentRinse the product well againFinish with moisture careAdvantage:Effective facial scrub from MuradGentle scrubRemoves clogged pores and impuritiesThe skin structure becomes finerRemoves excess oil and dead skin cellsMoisturizing products are more easily absorbed into the skinBlood flow gets betterGives a great lookGood for oily and combination skinLeaves skin soft and suppleTightens and minimizes poresControls shiny skin