Muubs - Lantern Small - Black Recycled Teak (1121527502)

Muubs - Lantern Small - Black Recycled Teak (1121527502)
Brand: Muubs
Size: S
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Muubs lantern is made from recycled teakwood with a lovely light leather strip. The contrast between the transparent glass and the raw teak frame gives the lantern an exciting and timeless look. Set the lantern outside with a candle and welcome your guests to your front door.Useful information about Muubs Lantern Small: L: 16, b: 16, h: 32 cmLarge: L: 20. b: 20, h: 40 cmMaterial: Teak tree or black paintet teak treeMuubsMuubs is a new Danish furniture brand that is known for its innovative furniture and interior pieces. Muubs furniture and interior are produced exclusively with raw materials and all products have a raw and unique look that fits into most interior designs. Muubs test their new products by evaluating whether a man would use it. It is made to give the collections an edgy and masculine twist.