Nacon Compact Controller LED (Green) (Broken Box)

Nacon Compact Controller LED (Green) (Broken Box)
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Brand: Big Ben Interactive
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Get the edge with the fully-customisable, REVOLUTION PRO CONTROLLER for PS4™, combining eSports features and controls to enhance and adapt to every style of competitive play.Take your gaming performance to the next level, elevate your skill and maximise your potential with the technologically advanced controller, built for PS4™ and tested by true eSports players.Customise your set-up for total control in every game, and take on the toughest opponents with stunning accuracy and precision.Dual analogue sticks with 46 degree amplitudeDual analogue triggersDual shoulder buttons8-way directional padPS / SHARE / OPTIONS buttonsTouch pad3.5mm headset jack4 x shortcuts / macro buttons*3m cable with secure connection, detachable for easy storage**Internal weight compartment with six additional weights for tailored balance and feel (2x 10g, 2x 14g, 2x17g)