Nero Di Seppia 250g by Alfieri

Nero Di Seppia 250g by Alfieri
Categories: Love and Romance
Brand: Cibosana
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Add some drama to dinnertime with Alfieri's Nero di Sepia black pasta. These deep, dark ribbons are enriched with squid ink for an utterly unique taste and colour. Alfieri only use the finest durum wheat semolina and fresh Grade A eggs – the grain giving a deliciously toothsome texture while the egg enhances the flavour. The dough is then suffused with the inky-black squid ink, before the pasta is cut into delicate short ribbons and carefully dried to keep the flavour locked in. It's the perfect pasta for seafood dishes where you really want to capture the essence of the ocean. We love it for an extra special vongole (clam) sauce, the pasta contrasting tantalisingly with the cream.