NYX Professional Makeup - Lift & Snatch! Brow Tint Pen - Ash Brown

NYX Professional Makeup - Lift & Snatch! Brow Tint Pen - Ash Brown
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Brand: NYX Professional Makeup
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Do you dream of beautiful and defined brows? With this flexible pen with microbrush you can shape the most amazing results.Take your eyebrows to a whole new level with this flexible and pointed micro brush pen from NYX Professional Makeup. The special thing about this pen is that you can create both thin and thick lines that look like real hair. You can build your eyebrows yourself and go from a super natural look to a perfectly defined look with just a few strokes.Are your eyebrows naturally sparse? Then this eyebrow pen will be your salvation, as you can fill in the sparse areas and build up your already beautiful eyebrows even more. The pen keeps your eyebrows beautiful for up to 16 hours, and does not smudge or spread. A perfect tool for you who want expressive eyebrows that are always on point!Application:Shake the pen at a downward angleFill in sparse areas with precise hair-like strokesPro-tip: For a raised brow look, make strokes with the applicator in an upward motionPress harder for thicker hair-like strokes, and lighter for thinner hair-like strokesAdvantage:Super fantastic eyebrow pencil from NYX Professional MakeupFlexible pen that can create thick or thin lines that look like real hairBuild your eyebrows and go for a natural or voluminous lookFill in sparse areasLasts for up to 16 hoursDoes not smudge or spreadIndividual result that suits you and your eyebrows