Olive Oil Gift Box

Olive Oil Gift Box
Brand: Sacla
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Any Italian-food lover will tell you that choosing the right Olive Oil is key to the taste and success of your dish. We’ve put together a selection of some of the very best Olive Oils from Italy to keep every food lover happy, at least for a month or two! This collection includes a gift box of Basil, Chilli and Lemon Infused Olive Oils, perfect for those weekends experimenting with new recipes and flavours; Sicilian Olive Oil by Arké Olio and a beautiful to behold decorated Mosaic Bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Lamantea. There’s a small Sol’Art bowl included, so pour in some oil and dip with fresh sourdough bread. Truly, madly deeply Italian!

  • 1 x Sicilian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml by Arké Olio
  • 1 x Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml by Lamantea
  • 1 x Basil, Lemon & Chilli Olive Oil Weekend Gift Pack 3 x 60ml by Lamantea 
  • 1 x Small Bowl 12cm by Sol'Art in Sunshine Pattern

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