Philip Kingsley - Pure Blonde Booster Shampoo 75 ml

Philip Kingsley - Pure Blonde Booster Shampoo 75 ml
Categories: Empowerment
Brand: Philip Kingsley
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Cool the hot messingtones with Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Booster Shampoo, specially formulated to bring your blonde locks back to their platinum glory. Suitable for your hair, whether it is fine, medium or coarse, you will be left with radiance and brightness everywhere. With deeply clarifying properties, the shampoo uses an optimal balance of Violet Micro-Pigments that fight any yellowing for a more authentic color. The shampoo works to combat frizz and leaves you with less static and smoother cuticles for a completely conditioned feel. Flyaways will be tamed, and locks will fall into a soft, sleek curtain around your face. With this shampoo you achieve a newly colored effect with a little effort as well as extra shine and visible health to keep your hair glowing and extra shiny. Suitable for blond and gray hair.Application:First, use your regular shampoo to ensure that your hair is clean and free of product buildupRinse well and apply Pure Blonde Booster ShampooGently massage into hair for 60 secondsRinse thoroughlyFollow our color correction mask for optimal resultsUse once a week