Porta Romana I Ellis Lamp I Prehnite

Porta Romana I Ellis Lamp I Prehnite
Categories: Accessories
Size: HEIGHT 415mm / 16 1/4", HEIGHT WITH SHADE 675mm / 26 1/2", WIDTH 195mm / 7 3/4", WIDTH WITH SHADE 356mm / 14", DEPTH 195mm / 7 3/4",
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Unique in its ability to resemble both an ancient artefact and a contemporary piece of ceramic sculpture, the Ellis lamp is decorative and characterful. The striking design of the Ellis lamp is matched by a range of finishes, including Prehnite, Tortoise Shell, Sulphur, Reactive Moss, and Tree Bark. The glazes used are all locally sourced, as is the clay, which is recycled and reused throughout the making process.