Porta Romana I Nina lamp I Biscuit

Porta Romana I Nina lamp I Biscuit
Categories: Accessories
Size: HEIGHT 355mm / 14", HEIGHT WITH SHADE 600mm / 23 1/2", WIDTH 370mm / 14 1/2", WIDTH WITH SHADE 406mm / 16", DEPTH 335mm / 13 1/4",
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The Nina lamp comes as an extension of the Shido lamp. The design of both lamps developed in an entirely organic way, starting off as a ball of clay that was then pummelled by hand into its rounded and textured shape. Following the celebration of simplicity and imperfection in the Wabi-Sabi tradition, the hand-sculpted surface of the Nina has a tactile, dimpled texture. The Nina is unique from the Shida in its decorative aesthetic. Resembling dancing figures in an abstract pattern, the hand-painted finish of the Nina lamp is elegant and playful.