Porta Romana I Prism Lamp

Porta Romana I Prism Lamp
Categories: Accessories
Size: HEIGHT 525mm / 20 3/4", HEIGHT WITH SHADE 890mm / 35", WIDTH 145mm / 5 3/4", WIDTH WITH SHADE 435mm / 17 1/4",
2129 GBP
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A towering prism but with quite literally, a twist! This statuesque body of beautifully bubbled clear glass starts out at the base as a triangle; it grows in height and is finished off with a twist at its neck which gives the piece a real character of its own. At home with a traditional silk shade and strong enough to take one of our bolder velvets or prints, the Prism is an extremely versatile and usable addition to any scheme. ROD & BOLT Suitable for rodding and bolting (for use on yachts).