Porta Romana I Ridley Lamp I Spacedust

Porta Romana I Ridley Lamp I Spacedust
Categories: Accessories
Size: HEIGHT 410mm / 16 1/4", HEIGHT WITH SHADE 700mm / 27 1/2", WIDTH 225mm / 8 3/4", WIDTH WITH SHADE 406mm / 16",
1028 GBP
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A new addition to our ever-growing ceramics range, this rotund bell-shaped ceramic lamp is debuting in two new finishes. Spacedust is a sophisticated milky grey base with a navy and white speckle overlay. The second finish, Stone Speckle, is hand painted in our workshop using a combination of layers which build up to form a wonderfully complex finish with the versatility of being in a neutral tone. ROD & BOLT Suitable for rodding and bolting (for use on yachts).