Porta Romana I Willow Lamp I Burnt Silver

Porta Romana I Willow Lamp I Burnt Silver
Categories: Accessories
Size: HEIGHT 590mm / 23 1/4", HEIGHT WITH SHADE 590mm / 23 1/4", WIDTH 115mm / 4 1/2", WIDTH WITH SHADE 127mm / 5", BASE DIMENSIONS 245mm (9 3/4") x 115mm (4 1/2") x 20mm (0 3/4"),
990 GBP
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An elegant and simple piece with endless uses. A descendent of the incredibly popular Willow Wall Light, the table lamp has the same familiar curve on a longer stem and rectangular base. It is finished off with a specially paired shade. With such a subtle base, an opportunity for a fun shade presents itself. Our gathered velvets and printed fabrics are the perfect match to Willow. Available in Burnt Silver, Bronzed and French Brass.