Porta Romana I Zulu Lamp I Spacedust

Porta Romana I Zulu Lamp I Spacedust
Categories: Accessories
Size: HEIGHT 510mm / 20", HEIGHT WITH SHADE 890mm / 35", WIDTH 290mm / 11 1/2", WIDTH WITH SHADE 435mm / 17 1/4", BASE DIMENSIONS 160mm (6 1/2") x 25mm (1"),
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A statuesque piece with an Africana vibe. Reminiscent of a tribal pot, complete with two type textures, a hammered pattern on neck and base and striations on its generous ‘belly’. These textures, applied at the clay sculpting stage allow the most mesmerising effects to be created when the glaze is applied and left to play. This piece, with its feeling of authority sits proud on a hand-decorated base and appears even more regal when topped with our new lampshade shape, the Bongo in a delicious fabric.