Professionals: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (17 disc) - UK Import

Professionals: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (17 disc) - UK Import
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All 57 episodes of the television crime drama created by Brian Clemens. Led by George Cowley (Gordon Jackson), agents of the British law enforcement department CI5 are tasked with responding to serious crime which goes above the capacity of the regular police force.Series 1 episodes are:‘Private Madness, Public Danger’, ‘The Female Factor’, ‘Old Dog With New Tricks’, ‘Killer With a Long Arm’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Where the Jungle Ends’, ‘Close Quarters’, ‘Everest Was Also Conquered’, ‘When the Heat Cools Off’, ‘Stake Out’, ‘Long Shot’, ‘Look After Annie’ and ‘Klansmen’.Series 2 episodes are:‘Hunter/Hunted’, ‘The Rack’, ‘First Night’, ‘Man Without a Past’, ‘In the Public Interest’, ‘Rogue’, ‘Not a Very Civil Civil Servant’, ‘A Stirring of Dust’, ‘Blind Run’ and ‘Fall Girl’.Series 3 episodes are:‘The Purging of CI5’, ‘Backtrack’, ‘Stopover’, ‘Dead Reckoning’, ‘The Madness of Mickey Hamilton’, ‘A Hiding to Nothing’, ‘Runner’ and ‘Servant of Two Masters’.Series 4 episodes are:‘The Acorn Syndrome’, ‘Wild Justice’, ‘Fugitive’, ‘Involvement’, ‘Need to Know’, ‘Take Away’, ‘Black Out’, ‘Blood Sports’, ‘Slush Fund’, ‘The Gun’, ‘Hijack’, ‘Mixed Doubles’, ‘Weekend in the Country’, ‘Kickback’ and ‘It’s Only a Beautiful Picture…’.Series 5 episodes are:‘Foxhole On the Roof’, ‘Operation Susie’, ‘You’ll Be All Right’, ‘Lawson’s Last Stand’, ‘Discovered in a Graveyard’, ‘Spy Probe’, ‘Cry Wolf’, ‘The Untouchables’, ‘The Ojuka Situation’, ‘A Man Called Quinn’ and ‘No Stone’.