Pudderdåserne - AHA Peeling 50 ml

Pudderdåserne - AHA Peeling 50 ml
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Brand: Pudderdåserne
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Do you suffer from sun-damaged or aged skin? Then this exfoliating serum from Pudderdåserne is ideal for you!AHA-Peeling is a light serum with 7% glycolic acid, which aims to remove dead skin cells and leave the skin with a fresh and smooth surface. The glycolic acid especially helps dry, sun-damaged and aged skin, and smoothes bumps and the skin’s ability to bind moisture. However, all skin types will benefit from the serum, which gives a more radiant complexion. It is important that you do not wash off the serum, as it must remain on the skin to work.If you have very sensitive skin, you may find that AHA-Peeling causes redness and irritates the skin in the beginning. If it continues, you can use it less often and slowly accustom the skin to the effect.Application:Should be used after cleansing the skinYou can use moisturizer or sunscreen on top of AHA-PeelingDo not wash offUse the serum once a day or every other day for the first few weeks depending on how your skin reactsProtect yourself from the sun if you use the serum, as the skin may become more sensitiveAdvantage:Pudderdåserne - AHA-Peeling 50 mlExfoliating serumRemoves dead skin cellsLeaves skin smooth and radiantEspecially ideal for dry, sun-damaged and aged skinFree of perfume