REN - Perfect Canvas Clean Primer 30 ml

REN - Perfect Canvas Clean Primer 30 ml
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Brand: REN Clean Skincare
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Here is the first step in your makeup routine. REN Perfect Canvas Clean Primer is a silicone-free primer for all skin types, created to sit over moisturizer and make your face ready for makeupThe ultimate shortcut to smoother skin. This exquisite primer from REN gives your skin fullness, matte and fills in fine lines, and gives perfect skin that is ready for makeup. This primer does not contain silicone, but instead a breathable agave extract that illuminates the skin and reduces visible pores.The silicone-free form allows the primer to hold your makeup firmly and prevent the foundation from slipping. This primer therefore helps to prolong the durability of your makeup, helps keep the face’s natural bacteria in balance, and keeps on the moisturizer, giving a healthy complexion.Application:Apply on clean skin or after your moisturizer or sunscreenApply 2-3 drops on face and neck in small amountsMassage gently over your skin with your fingertipsUsed alone or with your foundationAdvantage:Lovely primer from REN Perfect CanvasSilicone-free formula with agave extractSmoothes the skin before makeupExtends the durability of makeup and foundationsExtends the effect of moisturizers and keeps the skin and complexion healthyKeeps facial natural bacteria in balanceGives light skin and reduces visible pores