Ricoh - Theta 3D Microphone -TA-1

Ricoh - Theta 3D Microphone -TA-1
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Brand: Ricoh
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Ricoh - Theta 3D Microphone -TA-1Intended for use with the 360° camera Ricoh Theta V.With the 3D microphone Ricoh TA-1, it’s possible to make 360° sound recordings in higher quality than the camera’s built-in microphone is capable of.The 4-channel condenser microphone Ricoh TA-1 is developed by well-known Audio-Technica and has very good sensitivity for low to medium frequencies, making it suitable for (among other things) recording music performances.A supplied windscreen can be used to reduce disturbing wind noise when shooting outdoors.EAN: 026649107542 / 910754