Sackboy Big Adventure - Special Edition (Nordic)

Sackboy Big Adventure - Special Edition (Nordic)
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Brand: Sony
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Embark on a fun platforming adventure on your PlayStation in the company of a cute Sackboy plush from the game.Sackboy Big Adventure is part of the popular game series Little Big Planet, a fun and unique platform game exclusive to PlayStation. You will encounter breathtaking, exciting and unpredictable challenges as you explore the distinctive, handcrafted landscape through a very captivating gameplay. With this special edition edition, beside the game itself, you also get the game’s main character, Sackboy, as a plush that can accompany you while playing the fun platform game on your Playstation.Sackboy Big Adventure - Special Edition includes:Sackboy plushArt bookDigital art bookDigital audio trackFour Sackboy costumesFour Sackboy Emotes20 Sackboy avatars