Sacla' Vegan Bolognese Sauce 350g

Sacla' Vegan Bolognese Sauce 350g
Brand: Sacla
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Name the most famous Italian dish. Chances are you’ll say ‘Bolognese’. But we know some people choose not to eat its authentic ingredients, so we’ve expertly adapted our recipe to guarantee no one misses out.

We start with a traditional soffritto (that’s sautéed onions, garlic and carrots), add finely chopped fresh Italian tomatoes, then use the magic of pea protein to create a Vegan Bolognese Sauce with a hearty texture. Enjoy with a wide, flat pasta like tagliatelle and simply stir to combine for a vegan bolognese. Pair with our Vegan White Sauce and aubergines to make a plant based, vegan and gluten free lasagne.