Sacla' Vegan Chilli Pesto 190g

Sacla' Vegan Chilli Pesto 190g
Brand: Sacla
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We’re the original Pesto Pioneers, and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy great Italian food, whatever they choose to eat. So, our new Vegan Chilli Pesto recipe cleverly swaps cheese with tofu, so it’s just fine for plant based foodies and vegans... and anyone who isn’t eating dairy and gluten too.

Take note! When we say Chilli, we truly mean it. There's heaps of heat in every fiery forkful.

Made with chillies, Italian Tomato paste, a dash of olive oil, almonds and sweet red peppers blended with creamy tofu, it’s so easy to add an explosion of taste and flavour to pasta, sandwiches, noodles and rice.. ready, steady, fire!