Sanzi Beauty - Moisturizing Face Mask 100 ml

Sanzi Beauty - Moisturizing Face Mask 100 ml
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Brand: Sanzi Beauty
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This oil penetrates deep into the skin, where it enriches the skin with lots of vitamins that moisturize your skin.Sanzi Beauty Deluxe Facial Oil is a deeply nourishing oil for the face. The oils include acai, jojoba and almond oil, and these contribute to the product’s wonderful scent. The oil gives the skin care and lots of moisture, while being rich in antioxidants, which protect the skin from external influences. Give your skin extra nourishment with Sanzi Beauty Deluxe Facial Oil, which is suitable for all skin types.Application:Can be used alone or mixed with cream before applicationApply a few drops on cleansed skinMassage into the skinFinish with moisture careBenefits:Wonderful face oil from Sanzi BeautyNourishing oil for the facePenetrates deep into the skinWith a wonderful scentProtects the skin from external influences.Provides moisture and nourishesFor all skin types