Shiseido - Advanced Super Slimming Reducer 200 ml

Shiseido - Advanced Super Slimming Reducer 200 ml
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Brand: Shiseido
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A fat-reducing and firming cream that fights cellulite and provides plenty of moisture.Shiseido Super Slimming Reducer is based on a scientifically proven fat fighting system and Fat Fighting Capsules, which help to break down fat and cellulite. The consistency is a light serum that adds moisture and gives a firming effect without greasing.Application:Use morning and evening on clean and dry skinUse on cellulite-affected areas such as thighs, hips, waist and upper armsMassage with flat circular motions in the skin until the product is completely absorbed into the skinAdvantage:Shiseido - Advanced Super Slimming Reducer 200 mlReduces celluliteTightens and helps to break down fatGel creamQuickly absorbed into the skin