Squeakee Minis - Season 1 - Billo the Monkey (90074)

Squeakee Minis - Season 1 - Billo the Monkey (90074)
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Brand: Squeeky Balloon
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Squeakee Minis are small cute Balloon animals which comes to life when you play with them.Billo the Monkey wants to be your very best friend. When you talk with the Billo the Monkey, it repeats your words and change your voice into helium voice. You can blow Billo the Monkey up for more helium and a higher pitch. But be careful Billo the Monkey might pop if you blow the Monkey too many times.Squeakee Minis - Billo the MonkeyGet your very own Billo the Monkey balloon pet and you will have a best friend forever.Includes:1 x Squeakee minis balloon animal - Billo the MonkeyInkl. 3 x LR44 batteries