Sunflex - Crossbow Swifter (73082)

Sunflex - Crossbow Swifter (73082)
Categories: Adventure
Brand: Sunflex
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Here is the perfect gift for adventurous children. Load, aim, shoot!This crossbow from Sunflex is ideal for adventurous children between 8 and 12 years. It may sound overwhelming to give a weapon to a child of that age, but the fun SWIFTER crossbow is almost without risk of personal injury. The 36 cm long arrows that fly up to 15 meters are equipped with suction cups in the front end, so they attach to the things you shoot without damaging them. Along with the crossbow, a sliding disc is also included, so you can practice your aim in the right way.Toy crossbow1 crossbow, 3 arrows, 1 targetRecommended age 8+