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NB: This is a movie in DanishSusanne is a Danish film from 1950, directed by Torben Anton Svendsen, about a young, healthy woman’s relationship to depraved surroundings.Dramatic and intense film adaptation of Johannes Buchholtz’s bestseller from 1931 and debut for director Torben Anton Svendsen. It was also the first time you could see Astrid Villaume in a leading role, as the young baker’s daughter who has the blind Hakon (Erik Mørk) as her warmest, local worshiper. She falls for a charming rich man’s son (Preben Neergaard) and feels so persecuted by the provincial gossip that she takes a job as a maid with a police chief couple, where his wife (Karin Nellemose) unfairly dominates and dis-harmonizes. Triple Bodil winner and one of the best Danish dramas with a woman as ‘pure’ main character.