Sweed Lashes - Nar

Sweed Lashes - Nar
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Brand: Sweed
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Add more volume to your natural eyelashes with these false lashes.Sweed Lashes are false eyelashes that are ultra easy to use and 100% cruelty free - animal hair is never used for the lashes. These Nar lashes have a pointed shape, which resembles flames. All lashes from Sweed Lashes are light as feathers, super comfortable to wear and are an easy way to expressive and defined eyelashes.Application:Cut the lashes if they are too long for your own lashesPlace the glue along the artificial lash lineLet the glue dry by blowing the lash for about 10-15 secondsPlace the lashes along your natural lash lineIt is recommended that you use tweezers to apply the lashesPress lightly with the tweezers so that the lashes are firmly attachedAdvantage:Beautiful false eyelashes from Sweed Lashes100% cruelty freePointed lashes with inspiration from flamesDefined lashesLight and comfortable to wear