Switchboard LGBT+ - £5 Donation

Switchboard LGBT+ - £5 Donation
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Add this product to cart to donate £5 to Switchboard LGBT+, 100% of your donation will be passed onto Switchboard LGBT+ (Charity No. 296193).Switchboard is one of the UK’s longest running, volunteer led charities serving the LGBT+communities. As a national helpline, they serve on average 15,000 callers a year across phone, instant messaging and email. Whether it is a personal challenge or one facing a friend or family member, Switchboard LGBT+ are a confidential, non-directive service - they don’t tell people what to do and they make no judgment. By helping fund the volunteers we’re helping keep the support line going which continues to be there for people who are feeling lonely, desperate or in need of guidance.Find out more about Switchboard LGBT+ here.