Tangle Teezer - Easy Dry Go - Shocking Cerise

Tangle Teezer - Easy Dry Go - Shocking Cerise
Categories: Empowerment
Brand: Tangle Teezer
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Here at Coolshop, we are the epitome of uniqueness, just like this unique hairbrush, which incorporates the patent-protected spike technology. Shouldn’t you own it?Easy Dry & Go is a hairbrush you can not and should not be without!This hairbrush is unique in that its bristles easily slide through your hair and give your hair a great softness as well as a shiny look. This way you get rid of frizz and curls in your hair.In addition, this hairbrush also ensures you a good and delicious fullness, while the unique air hole, which is located in the middle of the brush head, makes your blow drying even better and more efficient. Simply blow dry as usual and you will experience the new delicious results.